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$39995 /mo
  • 15 Mile Local Exposure
  • Premium Map Icon
  • Advanced Menus & Products
  • Promoted Daily Deals
  • Page 1 of Results
  • Online Pre-Ordering
  • Business Analytics
  • Call Tracking
  • Marketing Materials
$4995 /mo
  • 5 Mile Local Exposure
  • Verified Map Icon
  • Advanced Menu & Products
  • Promoted Daily Deals
  • Page 1 of Results
  • Online Pre-Ordering
  • Business Analytics
  • Call Tracking
  • Marketing Materials
$0 /mo
  • Local Exposure
  • Standard Map Icon
  • Limited Menu & Products
  • Page 2+ of Results
  • Business Analytics
Local Outreach
$39995 /mo
$12995 /mo
$4995 /mo
$0 /mo
Listing Size 4x size 2x size Standard Standard

Featured & Premium businesses benefit from a listing size 2-4x as large as a standard listing in search results, greatly improving profile visibility. Additionally, Premium businesses get the chance to showcase reviews on their business in the search results.

Icon Size

Stand out with larger map icons when users are searching locally on the map. A larger Map Icon will help your listing stand out and drive more traffic.

Extended Reach 15 miles 10 miles 5 Miles None

Business exposure is based off of a radius from your map marker. The larger the radius, the more patient exposure you get. Unlike our competitors, we do not have pre-defined regions for businesses. Everything works off of your map marker location and the patient's current location.

Ranking Tier 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier 4th Tier

Where's Weed utilizes a custom built algorithm to determine where your business falls within search results. It first takes into your account package level then locality, business activity, and customer attributes. You can ensure top exposure in search results by selecting a premium or featured package.

Menus & Products        
POS Integration

Where's Weed integrates with a number of popular industry point-of-sale systems including MJ Freeway, GreenBits, Proteus420 and more. Save time by automatically syncing strain and product information directly from your POS system to your Where's Weed menu.

Menu Syndication

Broadcast your product and pricing information everywhere your customers are looking -- including 3rd party websites like Facebook, popular marijuana menus, and more!

* We do not own and are NOT affiliated directly with any of these companies

Online Pre-Ordering

Allow your customers to pre-order their purchases directly from your Where's Weed menu or your own website! Our simple integration allows you to pre-verify patients, set up pre-ordering hours, delivery fees/minimums and more!

Unlimited Products

Your customers are looking for their favorite products! Make sure your business is found in product related searches by adding your entire product offering to Where's Weed.

Product Photos

Stand out from your competitors by showcasing beautiful imagery of your marijuana strains and products!

Lab Results

Establish the quality and characteristics of your marijuana products by listing your lab results directly with your products.

Specials & Deals        
Unlimited Specials

Target deal-seekers in your community by posting your daily specials to Where's Weed! You can schedule them weeks or even months in advance for a hassle free marketing campaign.

Specials Syndication

Automatically schedule your daily deals to be posted to your website, Facebook and Twitter!

Weekly Email Blast

Broadcast your daily deals via a localized email of opt-in marijuana enthusiasts.

SMS Promotion

Text message your daily deals to our localized SMS deal seekers.

*Limit of 1 per month for a featured package and 2 per month for a premium package

App Promotion

Send localized app push notifications to your followers announcing your latest deals and product selection!

*Limit of 1 per month for a featured package and 2 per month for a premium package

Analytics & Insights        
Visitor Analytics

Our detailed profile analytics provide valuable insights into your performance on Where's Weed, customer acquisition, market demographics and more.

Pre-Order Insights

Gain valuable insights from pre-order data and better understand your customer's preferred products. With these insights you can optimize your product offerings and increase efficiency.

Call Tracking

Our integrated call tracking allows us to provide real insights about your customers. Not only does this allow you to attribute customer traffic directly to Where's Weed, it also allows you to analyze and compare various call metrics.

Reputation Management

Maintaining a positive online reputation is essential to attracting new customers. Feature your customer accolades and respond to customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try for free?

Yes! Indulgery offers a free 7-day trial of our Featured & Premium listings in most areas.

Do you accept anything other than credit cards?

At this time credit or pre-paid debit cards are the only payment solution we offer.

How many customers can I expect?

Exposure varies based on your locality. Contact us to get more specific metrics about your local market.

Can I purchase additional map markers?

Yes! Contact us to learn about additional map markers and other advertising opportunities.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel at any time by contacting us.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Feel free to give us a call with any questions at (855) 420-7771, or submit your information below and Where's Weed representative will contact you and help answer any questions you might have.